• Designed and implemented a database-driven website manager which allows videos to be uploaded through a simple interface and then automatically generated into multiple video formats and sizes, and embedded with a watermark. The site is PC, Android and iPhone compatible and is used to market industrial equipment. [Link]

  • Developed a simplified platform for authoring interactive training. This streamlined the process and shortened a customer's the authoring time from several months to just weeks.

  • Developed a web-based store that integrated online sales orders with a legacy COBAL inventory and accounting system. This allowed customers, mostly wholesalers, to expand into web-based stores, while simplifying back-office functions like inventory control.

  • Developed and maintained a sales and production workflow system that allowed sales orders to be tracked through the complete fulfilment process. This required integrating multiple systems including invoicing, inventory, call logs, task management and more.

  • Administered numerous servers, these include Windows 2000 Server, FreeBSD, and Mandrake, Redhat, CentOS, Debian and Ubuntu LINUX.

  • Built, as part of a team, a software control application to automate sawmill wood drying kilns.

  • Wrote a fully featured web-mail application from the ground up.


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